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Biography of Robert D. Fischer, Esq.

Robert D. FischerRobert D. Fischer is considered to be one of the most respected family law attorneys practicing in Orange County. His unique background and understanding of the law make him an excellent attorney and one of the most highly regarded in the area. His office understands that not only are people going through a very difficult and usually painful experience, they are also involved in a lawsuit, and need effective representation.

Prior to his career as an attorney, Robert was a police officer. That has given him a particularly diverse background and insight into the conflicts and discord that often exist during a domestic matter.

Robert went to Western State University, College of Law, graduating with Cum Laude honors. Since starting his own practice, Robert has exclusively focused his practice on family law and takes great pride in his understanding of this most difficult area of law.

Robert explains, “I understand that most people regard a divorce or similar action to be one of the most devastating experiences they will ever go through. When someone seeks out an attorney to assist them, they should look for one who has extensive knowledge in the area of family law, one who will treat them with respect and courtesy, an attorney not afraid to litigate while at the same time remembering that a fair settlement is always preferable.”

Robert and his staff maintain that the situation you hire his office to represent you in is your matter, not his. Robert understands that his job is to provide you with the information you need to make intelligent, informed decisions. He believes that he and his clients form a team, grounded in trust, respect and communication.

While nobody ever wants to go through a divorce or similar action, many times it cannot be avoided. You owe it to yourself to put together a team that has your best interests at heart.